Rudy Gobert Scouting Report

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Rudy Gobert C / 7' 1" / 245 lbs / 26 years

All-NBA 2nd / All-Defensive 1st / Rising Star


Elite level shot blocker with his long thin frame. Good rebounder who is smart to know where to be when a shot goes up. Good touch around the basket. Excellent at dunking around the hoop as well as catching lobs from the likes of Ricky Rubio and such.


Thin. Somewhat offensively limited due to lack of range and shot making ability as well as post moves. Offensive IQ is considered below average other then when he’s being thrown a lob.


One of the best inside defenders in the game. Average offensive big. With an unreal wingspan.

Scouting report by CoachPop on Apr 1, 2018.

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