Jabari Parker Scouting Report

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Jabari Parker PF / 6' 8" / 250 lbs / 23 years

Rising Star


He is a prototypical modern day big men , he can play the 3,4 and 5 position because of the combination of his size and agility and most importantly his ability to make mid range jump shots and 3pt shots. he is also an above average ball handler and have shown that he can attack the the basket with some moves using is dribble. he is also have good strength that he often uses to make his post move more effective he can create his own shot or he can be spot up shooter a an ability that is highly valued in the NBA.


His health, Jason Kidd was fired in the middle of the season because the Bucks is underperforming this 2017-2018 season, but I trully believe that if Jabari Parker is healthy from the beginning of this season the Bucks would have more wins 7 to 12 wins, Jabari greatly compliments Giannis style of play we have seen last season before Jabari got injured that they can play well together, Jabari can be spot shooter where he can lurk im the exterior and wait for a kick out pass, he can set screens and have some pick and up or pick and roll action, he can face up and shoot over smaller defenders or make a dribble move to pass by slower defenders, he have good strength and great length that already empowera his post up game to punish his defenders in the block. yes he can be better defensively but his main problem is he just can't stay healthy that's why the Bucks can't take the risk to offer him a max contract extension, Jabari Parker's health is holding him and only time will tell if he his body can overcome the grind of the NBA season and don't get serious injuries again.


overall his main strength is his offence he can score on various ways he can create his own shot and he can spot up , he is a the type of player that you can run your offence through with great success. Jabari is being held back by serious injuries , he did not reach his potential yet his ceiling in my opinion is in a perennial all star level, his defense ca still get better too but he already have the physical tools to become descent defensively in his position he just needs to healthy.

Scouting report by kiryuu on Mar 22, 2018.

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